El líder de Grizzly Bear, Ed Droste, apoyó fervientemente la candidatura de Bernie Sanders y luego la de Hillary Clinton para prevenir un eventual triunfo de Donald Trump. Las cosas no salieron como muchos esperaban y Droste se demostró furioso en una serie de publicaciones en Facebook e Instagram, como suele hacer el muchacho nacido en Massachusetts.

Un día antes del Día de acción de gracias, Droste tocó la “naturaleza problemática” de la fecha, el privilegio blanco, el memorial vandalizado de Adam Yauch, y más.

“Somos un país hecho mierda y racista. Terminen con su mierda de ‘pero los blancos también pueden ser discriminados’ o ‘solo porque hayamos votado por Trump no significa que sea racista’. Oh, cariño, sus pobres privilegios blancos”.

Después de publicar el texto, Droste respondió a los fans. Cuando uno dijo que los artistas hablando sobre política es “petulante y miope”, Droste respondió:

“Es mi derecho como artista hablar en contra de la gente que quiere frustrar los derechos humanos. Los que optan por el silencio son cobardes y solo se preocupan por sus fans y el dinero. Mi moral está mucho más allá que mi deseo de éxito”.

Who else is excited for Thanksgiving? So much yummy food! Yay! Yummmmm! Oh hai!?? What? Wait, we slaughtered millions of Native Americans and stole their land? Yayyyyyy! You know what else is cool? We are a fucked up racist country and stop with ur bullshit "but whites can be discriminated against too!"….or "just because we voted Trump doesn't mean we're racist!"…oh, honey, your poor white privilege. "Trump's America" is a continuation of white supremacy. I CANNOT deal with whites that feel "marginalized". This country is built on blood, and all y'all "make America great again" idiots are literally harkening back to a fictional idea of the past. White supremacy still lives, but ur attempt to make it "great again" is a huge step back on progress. It's a fantasy for white people that never existed and for everyone else was a collective nightmare. Let's make America great again? So let's spray paint swastikas on (RIP) Beastie Boy's Adam Yauch memorial PLAYGROUND? Somehow, I have more liberal sound minded people on here than the band does on FB….but make no mistake. You have voted for a candidate that is ENDORSED by the KKK…if that isn't enough to take a look in the mirror, not sure you have a chance. "But the emails !!!", let's just pretend all that shit is TRUE. Like, ok. Let's just say Hillary is a horrible lying warmonger….guess what? Domestically, Trump has incited so many hate crimes in just 10 days it surpasses 9/11…. The fuck were we thinking voting in a reality TV star? Wanted to shake up the system? So did I! But I didn't choose a candidate that invited hatred and appoints literal white supremacists to their cabinet. How's that for fucking with the country? U like it? My rights as a gay man are in jeopardy…. and millions of others are even worse off. So eat your turkey, and be grateful you aren't under attack because if you voted for Trump you're pretty much saying your white privilege "trumps" the millions of people that are victims of the hate he enabled and encouraged amongst "the white working class"…for the rest of us (and I'm not religious) ….God Help Us…P.S. "Alt right" is a bullshit term to normalize white supremacy. FIGHT

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Read: I say no to the normalization of this election. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! I have seen those close to me coddle the normalization of a fascist racist movement. I no longer have an outlet to speak out other than here. I will not stand for what is happening and I won't silence myself. "Rant" you say , damn straight I'm angry and scared. There is NO wrong way to oppose what is happening. Honestly is there a wrong way to be outraged at the "alt right", ie: Neo Nazis? NO! Angry? Mad? Sad? Speak up! Do You have a platform ? Speak up ! This is not the time to be quiet ….also never shame someone that speaks out to condemn this shameful turn for America. On my last platform I'm allowed to speak on , I will continue to rub this horrifying reality in our faces, because complacency is the enemy. The worst thing I could do is stay silent when I feel so strongly. We need to be reminded that this is not normal. I don't care how you say it, we can't normalize this hate. Here's a picture of a highway heading into a fog of potential hell. (Feel free to unfollow and yell at me! As a semi public figure i feel obliged and an urgency to speak out regardless of the repercussions….just because I'm a musician that you enjoy doesn't mean I can't disagree and be angry. I'm angry and scared , literally. I hope everyone in opposition is enjoying my liberal tears…they real) ALSO READ ARTICLE IN MY BIO

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