Jack White publica poema: "Music is Sacred"

A Jack White no le basta con publicar y reeditar discos olvidados mediante su propio sello Third Man Records ni haber hecho una importante donación a la National Blues Foundation para dejar en claro que la música es lo más importante en su vida. Ahora, el músico de Detroit publicó un poema titulado "Music is Sacred" ("la música es sagrada").

Las palabras del texto publicado han sido utilizadas en los discursos adrede de sus más recientes shows. A continuación el poema, en inglés, y luego un video de White en el Coachella:

those of you who stand for the sanctity of music
so that its soul can breathe
and be heard
so that it blooms in graveyards
echoes in hotel hallways
awakens neighbors in the night
and fills peoples minds with fire
shout it out loud with whatever microphone you have
or these stones will shout for you.
jump in front of demons,
and stand over cowards and those who would intend
to rip out your lungs and dampen your desire
tell the living and the dead
what you know in your heart to be true
and what you know your ears
will forever hear
that the melody of the human race
is a song that never ends.
music is sacred.